A surprise for Teresita

Item#/ISBN: 9781558858312
Price: $17.95
Language: English/Spanish
Year: 2016
By: Virginia Sanchez-Korrol
Translated Title: Una sorpresa para Teresita
Subject: Picture book, Hispanic, Birthdays


When Teresita opens her eyes that morning, she knows it's a special day. It's her birthday, and now she's a big girl. She's seven! And her Tio Ramon has promised her a surprise. She can't wait to find out what it is! "Is it time for Tio Ramon to come to our block?" she asks her mama excitedly as she sits down for breakfast. But it's too early. Her uncle has to take his snow cone cart to the other blocks before he comes to theirs. All day, Teresita watches for the green and white cart. She listens for Tio Ramon calling, "Snow cones, cold snow cones. Piraguas! Piraguas frias!" While she waits for her uncle, she jumps rope, plays games with her friends and watches the goings-on in her neighborhood. Mothers hold their young children's hands as they walk to the corner bodega to buy groceries. Boys and girls ride bikes and play stickball. Older people sit at their windows and enjoy the sights and sounds of their community. And coming from far up the block where water sprays from an open fire hydrant, Teresita finally hears the sound of her uncle's voice. What will her surprise be?!? Set in a Puerto Rican neighborhood in New York City, this bilingual picture book for children ages 4 - 8 captures both the daily life of an urban community and a child's excitement about her birthday surprise. Children will be inspired to look at-and maybe even write about-their own neighborhoods with new eyes.

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