117 Nord

Item#/ISBN: 9782764624418
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Language: French
Year: 2016
By: Virginie Blanchette-Doucet
Translated Title: 117 North
Subject: fic; French -Canadian drama
ISBN: 9782764624418


Five hundred and twenty-nine kilometers separate Val-d'Or from Montreal. Maude does not count more round-the-road driving the turquoise Tercel that Francis gave him. There is the cabinetmaking workshop where she works in Montreal and the facilities of the mine, in Abitibi, where are still the boys who saw her grow up, two male worlds between which hesitates the heroine of this novel. With sensitivity and subtlety, Virginie Blanchette-Doucet makes us hear the silence of these men, their fragility. This carnal novel, which explores the world of manual labor, is also a novel of the territory which makes heard the poetry of the Abitibi, land close to the original purity but soiled and bruised by human activity. It is above all, finally, a novel of the road, which perfectly embodies the moment when everything changes, where the frontiers fade and redraw. Maude will see her life swing, she will live this moment where she will realize that she left behind her childhood, adolescence, with their weight of memory and magic, and where she will consent, almost without her knowledge, to submit to the attraction of his new life. I forgot what it was to have a house for you. I forgot a lot of things. The passing time, the time it is, whole landscapes that I absorb and that I erase immediately. I forgot this house. The heavy gesture of a mechanical shovel to the brick chimney. The foundations open and exposed to bad weather; we have nothing left to do with crumbling concrete, rotting beams. The Abitibi is too beautiful and too hard. 158 pages, 21cm

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