Soupers végé en 5 ingrédients, 15 minutes

Item#/ISBN: 9782896588107
Price: $39.95
Language: French
Year: 2018
By: Caty Bérubé
Translated Title: Veggie suppers in 5 ingredients, 15 minutes
Subject: non-fic; cookbook
ISBN: 9782896588107


Bringing together more than 135 simple and fast recipes, the book Soupers Vegé in 5 ingredients, 15 minutes offers an extraordinary selection of delicious meals without meat! Whether it's changing time to time or adopting a vegetarian diet more regularly, we offer healthy, simple and economical meatless meal solutions! With ideas of vegetarian dishes full of flavor and fullness, the book will help you discover or rediscover new sources of protein, in addition to the happiness of the whole family! 306 pages, 26x21 cm

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