Mardi comme mardi

Item#/ISBN: 9782897070755
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Language: French
Year: 2018
By: Michèle Nicole Provencher
Translated Title: Tuesday as Tuesday
Subject: fic; relationships
ISBN: 9782897070755


Michèle Melançon is a child scattered, clumsy, turbulent ... but very endearing. At the age of 9, she learns that her mother is seriously ill with cancer. When she died, Michèle was entrusted to tutors, the Boivin. Dull days are emerging for the naive girl. The Boivin have hard manners, which would have broken many impulses. But that was not to mention the tremendous strength of Michèle's life! Years later, the day after a breakup, she looks back on her past, her pink-gray childhood and difficult family relationships. Through a mosaic of luminous and creaky episodes, we will discover the inspiring, touching and hilarious journey of a woman with an extraordinary personality. 230 pages, 20cm

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