Pannfisch für den Paten

Item#/ISBN: 9783423217217
Price: $24.95
Language: German
Year: 2018
By: Krischan Koch
Translated Title: Pannfisch for the godfather
Subject: fic; mystery
ISBN: 9783423217217


Crime fun on the coast Fredenbüll is in turmoil: several wind turbines are being installed on the dike foothills, calling on the conservationists in the village. Even Granny Ahlbeck supports the hastily founded initiative "Sei (k) a Frog e.V.", which cares for the endangered Red-bellied Toad. One morning a dead man is stuck in the still wet concrete base of a windmill! Does the mysterious stranger who is guarded by loud men in dark suits join in? "Dat is BKA", police superintendent Thies Detlefsen knows. And immediately senses a very big case.

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