Deutsche Musik

Item#/ISBN: 9783492310895
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Language: German
Year: 2017
By: Friederike Wißmann
Translated Title: German music
Subject: non-fic; German music
ISBN: 9783492310895


What is the characteristic of German music? Is it even there? What relationship do the Germans have to music, and why does it mean so much to them? Friederike Wißmann brings the great tradition from Bach to Stockhausen to life. Folk songs, hits and dance music are also taken into account, as are national anthems, football songs, German film music in Hollywood or punk, rock and techno. Whether celestially or commercially, resistant or dictated, sociable, hymnic or funny - Friederike Wißmann creates a unique, multi-faceted and clever panorama of German sound. 510 pages, 19cm

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