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Item#/ISBN: 9788379859467
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Language: Polish
Year: 2017
By: Rollins James
Translated Title: Devil's blood
Subject: fic; devil, end of world
ISBN: 9788379859467


Third, after the Gospel of Blood and Innocent Blood, and the last part of the cycle of the Sanguine Order written together with Rebecca Cantrell. The plot of the series combines elements of science, mythology and religion with a fast-paced action. The word "miracle" gains a new meaning here, and the struggle between good and evil is a much more complicated undertaking than anyone would ever believe.   The devil blood authors take us to the world, where the gates of hell will have to be smashed, so that humanity can know its destiny ...   The scourge of brutal murders sweeps the world. The archaeologist, Dr. Erin Granger, must decipher the message of the prophecy foretold in the mysterious book called the Gospel of the blood, written down by Christ and lost for centuries. The specter of a fulfilling apocalypse forces Erin to join forces with Sergeant Jordan Ston and father Rhun Korza and find a treasure lost for centuries. But what they are looking for rests in the hands of their enemy, a demon named Legion, who is even scared of the Vatican walls. In search of the key to salvation, Erin and her companions will cross many countries and eras. They will have the opportunity to look at dusty shelves in the Vatican's top-secret archive, and even medieval laboratories in which alchemists have committed terrible things. Tips to find the treasure are hidden in ancient underground chapels and mountain caves. To protect the world, Dr. Granger will have to go through the gates of Hell to meet the one behind all this - Lucifer.   In this remarkable final of the Rollins and Cantrell series, they take their readers to the depths of hell, where they will have to face their greatest demons to answer the key question: What price will mankind pay for freedom and salvation? 510 pages, 21cm

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