A Caderneta Vermelha

Item#/ISBN: 9788556520135
Price: $29.95
Language: Portuguese
Year: 2017
By: Antoine Laurain
Subject: Fiction
ISBN: 9788556520135


Walking through the streets of Paris on a quiet morning, bookseller Laurent Letellier finds an abandoned female bag. There is nothing inside that indicates to whom it belongs no document, address, cell phone or contact information. The bag, however, contains a number of other objects. Among them is a curious red booklet full of annotations, ideas and thoughts that reveal to Laurent a person he would surely love to meet. Determined to find the owner of the bag, but having at his disposal few clues that can help him, Laurent finds himself faced with a dilemma: how to find a woman, whose name he does not know, in a city of millions of inhabitants?

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