Un giorno di festa

Item#/ISBN: 9788817095655
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Language: Italian
Year: 2017
By: Enrico Pandiani
Translated Title: A day of celebration
Subject: fic; detective mystery
ISBN: 9788817095655


Under the clear sky at the end of June, a Renault travels along the Atlantic coast, near Royan. It seems that nothing can break the quiet. Instead it takes only a moment, the pressure of a finger on the trigger, the bullet of the tactical rifle that pierces the windshield, the crash of the plates. The driving man dies "Time slams you and your dead. Either you stand behind him or you attack. Soon, sooner or later, with him we lose all » It's Fred Céline, a street cop in Paris. His partner, Leila Santoni, survives by a miracle and flees hunted by assassins. But who fired does not know he made a big mistake, because Leila is part of the criminal Brigade of the quai des Orfèvres, under the orders of Commissioner Pierre Mordenti. They call them les italiens, they are untouchable and for them the motto "One for all, all for one" is still valid. While the national holiday of 14 July is looming and the summer wraps France in a scorching heat, Mordenti and his men have to avenge the death of their friend, find their colleague and grapple with an investigation that can shake the political assets of a scarred country from terrorist attacks, where fear is currency. Pierre will be forced to risk everything: even the story with Tristane Le Normand, daughter of the great chief of Crim and the only one able to quench his thirst for love. In this new chapter of the series de les italiens Pandiani comes to terms with the nightmares of the clash of civilizations and tells us, mixing the rhythm of the action thriller to the tones of romantic noir, the deepest obsessions of our time. 307 pages,22cm

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