Aju gin byeonmyeong

Item#/ISBN: 9791186686188
Price: $35.95
Language: Korean
Year: 2017
By: Nishikawa Miwa
Translated Title: Nagai Iiwake
Subject: Novel
ISBN: 9791186686188


Popular yet timid novelist Tsumura Kei suddenly loses his wife Natsuko when she is killed in a bus accident. The tragedy brings him into contact with Ōmiya Yōichi, widower of Natsuko's best friend Yuki, who was also killed in the crash. Kei volunteers to help Yōichi, now a single father, with housework and childcare. His contact with the family, along with other events, finally enables Kei to begin facing his grief and reflect on his life and relationship with Natsuko. Translation from Japanese.

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