A Sombra Do Poder






By:Rodrigo De Almeida


Subject:NF ; Politics and governement


The backstage of Dilma Rousseff's fall, from inside the Alvorada Palace. On May 12, 2016, President Dilma Rousseff was provisionally removed from office with the impeachment process which, three months later, would culminate in the inauguration of her deputy, Michel Temer. The agony of the government was closely followed by the Brazilians who, for or against Dilma's stay in power, glued their eyes to the TV screens and newspaper pages in search of more details of the events. Now, the public will have the chance to meet the backstage of their fall seen from inside the Alvorada Palace. The president's press secretary for the last nine months of his term, political scientist and journalist Rodrigo de Almeida accompanied and worked on the administration of the most acute crises that built the presidential ordeal. "In the shadow of power" unites the strength of a precise journalistic account to the shrewd analysis of the sequence of external and internal problems faced by the government to keep itself on its feet. The problems with Congress, Lava-Jato, the conspiratorial vice president, the abandonment of Allied parties, Lula's controversial appointment to the Civil House, Eduardo Cunha, the distance from the PT and the state of mind of Dilma until the last hours before being temporarily removed are part of this book essential for those who seek to know the details of a fundamental episode in the country's political history.

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