3 kanya




Starring:Rituparna Sengupta,Unnati Davra


Directed by:Agnidev Chatterji

Subject:Psychological thriller


Agnidev Chatterjee's third film 3 Kanya is a diabolical tale of passion, crime, lust and inevitable retribution. Nancy, a sex worker, is drugged and sexually assaulted by three youths. All hell breaks loose once she approaches a news channel, 24 Ghanta to seek justice. The Anchor of the show, Aparna, while she breaks the news and highlights Nancy's plight, is fighting her own demons - a disastrous marriage and her husband's infidelity with an IPS officer, Damini Misra. Matters get more complicated soon after Aparna's husband gets abducted and the kidnappers demand the release of coal mafia Subash's release in exchange for her husband. Damini confronts Subash who is flummoxed to hear the allegation. He confesses to Damini that he had not kidnapped Rajatabha, in fact he did not know anyone by that name. Damini is as baffled as the local officer in charge, Kalibabu (Sankar Chakraborty). Was Aparna Lying? Her doubts are laid to rest the following morning, when Rajatabha's finger lands up at Damini's breakfast table via courier. A shocked Damini realizes Aparna was indeed speaking the truth. What happens next forms the crux of this riveting film.

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