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A fish to feed/Un pez para alimentar

A fish to feed/Un pez para alimentar

Item#/ISBN: 9781595727589

Price: $6.99

Language: English/Spanish


By:Ellen Mayer

Translated Title:Un pez para alimentar

Publisher:Star Bright Books

Subject:Bilingual, Fishes


A toddler and Daddy go shopping for a pet fish. On the way they find other fish, but those aren ’t fish to feed. Toddlers will love seeing different fish through holes in the pages. Daddy responds to the child ’s simple words with full sentences, adds more information and asks open-ended questions. Vocabulary development, encouraging talking, repetition, first words, read aloud, self-awareness, family relationships, emotions, growing up, interpreting visuals, predicting. Description: 18 pages ; 14 cm.

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