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A terra de Nauman

A terra de Nauman

Item#/ISBN: 9789896418724

Price: $50.95

Language: Portuguese


By:H. G. Cancela

Publisher:Relogio D'agua

Subject:Science Fiction & Fantasy


"This year there was no Egg Exchange. All the solstices of the dry season, for seventy generations, the communities gathered on the Plateau of Nauman. on the top of the granite cliffs, where the fire burns, the walls are erected with seven gates. We were six communities. Each community accedes to the ritual space through its Gate. the seventh, we learned it from the first time we stepped on the Plateau, it was for those who would come. A promise of posterity. the assurance that after every day there would be another day, after each year there would be another year, after each community there would be other communities. We Nahumans with skillful fingers, respect the past, but venerate the Future. in the solstice where I was fourteen years old, I, Alva, from the community of Uila, went with the other Naumans of the same year led to the Plateau. As we climbed the ramps leading to the Doors, we would all be blindfolded for a band of seven laps, as many as the months of the year. "

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