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3 2 1 - Im Kreis der Verschwörer

3 2 1 - Im Kreis der Verschwörer

Item#/ISBN: 9783453439757

Price: $37.95

Language: German



By:Tony Kent

Translated Title:3 2 1 - In the circle of the conspirators

Publisher:Wilhelm Heyne Verlag



3 London: High-ranking politician Mathewson shot dead in a shoot-up in front of a large crowd. The assassin can be arrested, but the masterminds remain unrecognized. 2 Security chief Joe Dempsey, who specializes in identifying and eliminating threats, is experiencing the unthinkable: the political fabric is faltering, the British government seems to lose control. 1 The young journalist Sarah, who has persecuted the assassination live, and the lawyer Michael Devlin try to uncover the truth behind the gates of power ... to life and death 621 pages, 21cm

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