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Item#/ISBN: 7502262181945

Price: $28.95

Language: Spanish

Starring:Jambie Almaza, Jonathan Diaz Angulo



Directed by:Juan Andres Arango

Duration:94 min


Loneliness, migration and evolution are the experiences faced by three teenagers living in different cities and circumstances. X500 tells the story of Maria, who after the death of her mother arrives in Montreal from the Philippines to live with her grandmother and fiercely confronts her new surroundings; Alex, who is deported from the United States to Colombia, finds that his former neighborhood in the port of Buenaventura is submerged in violence and controlled by ruthless criminals; and David who decides to leave his hometown in Michoacán, Mexico, in search of giving direction to his life and of pursuing an illusory better future in Mexico City. Three stories, three countries, the same reality.

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