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17 mujeres premios Nobel de Ciencia

17 mujeres premios Nobel de Ciencia

Item#/ISBN: 9788417114695

Price: $32.99

Language: Spanish


By:Merle-Beral, Helene

Translated Title:17 femmes prix Nobel de sciences

Publisher:Plataforma Editorial

Subject:Science, Biography, Women


So far only the scientific works of 17 women have been awarded the Nobel Prize. Marie Curie was the first, in 1903 and 1911, followed by her daughter Irène Joliot-Curie in 1935, but others remain in the shade. Who has heard of Linda Buck, Ada Yonath, Elizabeth Blackburn or TU Youyou? This book presents the trajectories, often surprising, of these women who achieved excellence in a medium that was and continues to be largely masculine.

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