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Gấu mèo Chester và quả sồi đong đầy kỷ niệm

Gấu mèo Chester và quả sồi đong đầy kỷ niệm

Item#/ISBN: 9786045680865

Price: $20.95

Language: Vietnamese/English



By:Penn, Audrey

Translated Title:Chester Raccoon and the Acorn Full of Memories

Subject:Bilingual, Picture book


Chester Raccoon's good friend Skiddel Squirrel has had an accident and will not be returning - ever. Chester is unhappy that he won't get to play with his friend anymore. Mrs. Raccoon suggests that Chester and his friends create some memories of Skiddel, so that they will have good memories when they miss him In Vietnamese and English. The other language is read by flipping the book and reading from the opposite cover

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