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El resto del mundo rima

El resto del mundo rima

Item#/ISBN: 9788439740070

Price: $19.95

Language: Spanish



By:Carolina Bello

Translated Title:The Rest of The World Rhymes

Publisher:Literatura Random House


With precise writing and sharp images, Carolina Bello composes a cartography of sensations that move between the visible and the invisible, the living and the dead, crossed by a melancholic atmosphere of violence and eroticism. A fortuitous event places Andrés Lavriaga, a fugitive who has just robbed a pawnshop, and Julia Bazin, a biologist who has reached a blind spot in her life, in the same situation and with the same mark: they are the only survivors of a triple traffic accident. This is how this story begins: with the conclusion of a sequence that reconfigures the lives of these two characters —their pasts but also their present, which they share in the hospital to which they have been referred.

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