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Kisi ko maan liya apna

Kisi ko maan liya apna

Item#/ISBN: URDVD0711-013

Price: $53.95

Language: Urdu

Year:Monaliza, Sakina Samo

Directed by:Adnan Khan

Subject:Drama Serial


This is a family drama that revolves around releationships, trust and sacrifice. Moshin Sahib, along with his wife Sabiha Begum and daughters Jiya, Samia, Nirma and Roshni live a good life. Sabiha Begum's friend Meher finds a good match for the eldest daughter Jiya; but just as preparations for Jiya's wedding are afoot, Moshin Sahib is fired from his job. To make matters worse Meher dicsovers that Jiya's future husband is a fraud, and exposes him before her family. The wedding is called off, and Moshin Sahib suffers a heart attack. Meher blames herself for the troubles of the family and asks for Jiya's hand in marriage for her son Sufiyan, not realizing that he and Roshni are in love. Roshni sacrifices her love, but Jiya soon realizes that Sufiyan likes Roshni and this creates a rift between the sisters. At Sufiyan's wedding Roshni meets his friend Arsh who falls in love with her and proposes marriage. Meanwhile, Jiya discovers that Sufiyan and Roshni are in love, and in a fit of rage, the family disowns Roshni. What is Roshni's future without her family? Watch this fascinating serial to find out. Set of 2 Dvds.

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