"Devi" Ahilyabai





Starring:Mallika Prasad, Shabana Azmi

Directed by:Nachiket & Jayoo

Subject:Historical movie


History is made not by warriors and kings, but by Simple women, wives and widows. Born in an unknown dhangar (shepherd) family in the late 1720's Ahilya became the daughter- in-law of Malharrao Holkar, the first Maratha Subhedar (Governor) of Malwa in Central India. Ahilya was in her twenties and a mother of two children when the sudden death of her husband Khanderao led her towards sati - the ritual burning on husband's funeral pyre. Malharrao prevented this tragedy and groomed her into handling administrative duties for the Holkar State - thus Ahilya overcame barriers of tradition with austerity and hard work to achieve venerable social status at a young age. Duration : 142 mins

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