Affaires privées






By:Marie Laberge

Translated Title:Private affairs

Publisher:Québec Amérique

Subject:fic; murder mystery


When Rémy Brisson, the director of the Unsolved Crimes Squad, assigns Vicky Barbeau to an investigation into a very unlikely death, he does so for personal reasons. He is unable to refuse anything to the mother of this fifteen-year-old girl found dead in a woodlot after taking a lethal dose of sleeping pills. But suicide, even mysterious as to its root causes, even impossible to accept, does not turn into murder to relieve devastated relatives. And when Vicky realizes that by approaching the witnesses of the life of this magnificent Ariel, she exposes herself to seeing people she has relegated to the past, the investigation takes on the appearance of a nightmare. French Patrice Durand can help him keep a distance between his private life and this quest for truth. But how can you find the truth of others when you flee for yourself? And everyone in this panting novel, everyone, tries to preserve his private life ... even to lose a little judgment. Marie Laberge's third novel with a detective flavor, Private Affairs is a keen probe of human nature through characters with troubling shadows of truth, camped with the force and precision that characterize it. 526 pages, 23cm

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