Reine de miel






By:Simon Paradis

Translated Title:Queen of honey

Publisher:Éditions Marchand de feuilles

Subject:fic; murder mystery


Seven generations of beekeepers roam America in search of pollen. They are born, get married, hold hives in wildflower fields and try to charm women. One day, a body is found in an industrial tank of summer honey. The turmoil persists until a Mexican artist who collects masks made of rose honey, cassava or hibiscus comes to disrupt the life of the factory. But the initiatory ritual of transmission of knowledge from master to apprentice is perpetuated. One seeks to obtain one hundred Italian queens, Poor Clares are fighting for the best way to make a honeycake and beekeepers blame them for adding sugar to their products to make a profit. Finally, one question remains: how to take advantage of an abundance of blueberries, flowers and clovers? Queen of Honey is a fascinating story of family, dislocation and survival that testifies to the power that stories have to break us or save us. 347 pages, 21cm

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