Le Petit Ivan






By:Niki Orfanou | Yvan Duque

Translated Title:Little Ivan


Subject:fic; picture book


Illustrations by Yvan Duque Evening after night, an old woman and an old man expressed the following wish: "What happiness it would be to have a child". One day, the man placed a linden log under the fireplace. In the evening, a little voice sounded in the cottage. A little boy came out from under the fireplace. Filled with joy, the couple embraced the child and decided to call him Little Ivan. Thus begins the wonderful story of this bold boy. What we say ... The wonderful Russian tales are composed in an imaged style proper to the oral tradition. There are several variants of the story of Little Ivan and his encounter with Baba-Yaga. This free adaptation is the work of Niki Orfanou. This is one of four Russian tales she has reworked for the Once upon a Time in Russia exhibition in St. Petersburg in 2016. In one of the known versions of the story, the witch Baba-Yaga eats her own daughters rather than her raven. 48 pages, 30x24cm

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