Küchenkräuter anbauen und genießen






By:Jeff Cox

Translated Title:Grow and enjoy herbs

Publisher:Dorling Kindersley

Subject:non-fic; herb gardening


With this herbal book, it will not only be green in the garden, on the balcony or windowsill, but also in the kitchen. The lovingly designed book is a practice guide and herbal cookbook in one! Here 120 popular but also extraordinary herbs are portrayed, step-by-step instructions for care are shown and more than 60 herbal recipes are presented. From the flower pot it's off directly into the saucepan - that's practical herbalism for cooking. So that everyone can easily create a herb garden, here's the herbalism of the extra class: all tips on plant selection, for example, for salad herbs and Mediterranean mixtures, growth conditions, care, pest control, harvest and storage. This herbal book explains which favorites are best grown in window boxes or pots on the windowsill and gives creative plant ideas. According to your own taste, the herb garden can be put together to enjoy the delicious harvest afterwards. Whether as Herb butter, oil, lettuce or soup - the herbal book is full of sophisticated recipes for self-bred treasures. Aroma Strong! 192 pages, 20cm

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