Trecker kommt mit






By:Finn-Ole Heinrich , Dita Zipfel

Translated Title:Tracker comes along


Subject:fic; picture book


Huh? Why should not be allowed to come with our move from the countryside to the city of the tractor? It's bad enough that you have to move, and then into the city! Anyway: The tractor must of course with. There are many extremely good reasons why a tractor is vital in the city. For example, when shopping, as he is super handy, if you have to buy a lot. Or if there is a traffic jam, you can easily make room instead of having to wait stupidly behind all other cars. I say: Trecker is coming! Finn-Ole Heinrich, multiple award-winning author, has written a children's book for very young children together with Dita Zipfel for the first time after his successful titles "Frerk, du Zwerg" and the trilogy "The Amazing Adventures of Maulina Schmitt" - as always anarchic, wild unafraid and courageous. And as a grown-up city dwellers, one wonders how one actually managed to get along without a tractor st. The Leipzig illustrator Halina Kirschner has found strong images for this story with her screen-printed look and her bright colors. 1 volume, 28 cm

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