Amelia Bedelia






By:Peggy Parish

Translated Title:Amelia Bedelia


Subject:fic; picture book


The third volume of the adventures of a crazy housekeeper in the translation of Wojciech Mann It is said that up to three times art. Will the Rogers state pay attention to the words this time? Mrs. Rogers and her friends will shower Miss Alma's engagement. Wrap? But how?! After all, the gifts will get wet! Preparing the cut flowers on the table and covering the fresh fish with ice are just part of Amelia's duties before the big party. This time he also has a helper - cousin of Alcol - after all, two heads are not one! For sure everything will go according to their expectations. Only if Mrs. Rogers thinks the same way ...? Amelia can surprise. We promise another dose of crazy humor and delicious pastries. The author of the translation of all Peggy Parish books in the series about the hilarious housekeeper is Wojciech Mann. The two previous volumes are Amelia Bedelia and Thank You, Amelio Bedelio! Fourth, last volume, in preparation. 64 pages, 23cm

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