A crise das esquerdas





By:Aldo Fornazieri and Carlos Muanis

Publisher:Editora Civilizacao Brasileira

Subject:Political Science


The Crisis of the Left brings together important Brazilian intellectuals in essays and interviews, and has the merit of addressing, under different focuses, relevant themes, such as what it means to be left-wing today. After decades of neoliberal hegemony, it is not left-wing programs and policies that present themselves as alternatives, but conservative and right-wing nationalisms. In Latin America, there was a moment of progressive government ascension, then a setback, with electoral defeats and depositions of elected presidents - as was the case in Brazil, Paraguay, and Honduras. What's wrong with the lefts? Is it the result of a civilizing crisis, with the decline of the values ​​of humanism, justice and equality? Would the leftist programs have lost the ability to dialogue with the new social groups emerging from the technological revolution? In this book, intellectuals - teachers and activists - come together to indicate the answer to these and other questions that disturb militancy and leftist thinking. Description: 266 pages ; 23 cm

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