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A calma dos dias





By:Rodrigo Naves


In brief volume of fiction Philanthropist, Rodrigo Naves, one of the most important art critics of Brazil, worked in a record that the critic John Moura Jr. would call 'modern shock'. From a language that combined test, prose and poetry, Naves encapsulated small prints, scenes and events of everyday life, removing them from a place of safety to assign them new meanings. Fifteen years passed before Naves resolve back to fiction. However, if there is something Philanthropist The calm of this day - the short form, the disruption of expectations and preconceived schemes - there is also a new harshness, that constantly invades concise and lyrical look at the author. The clash between the strength of the field and what it has to light and fluid is at the center of these tales. The ability to Spaceships is to create, in the words of critic Andrew Goldfeder, 'a sprawling landscape, drawn with lines and subtle shifts Restless'. It is the art critic before the world, desincumbido the obligation to evaluate it, filling voids and concealing what is in sight.

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