A boa politica





By:Renato Janine Ribeiro

Publisher:Companhia das Letras

Subject:Internet, Political aspects, Democracy, Political ethics


We are accustomed to using republic and democracy as almost interchangeable terms. Both seem to express the end to the modern West in terms of desirable political organization, as if the expansion of freedoms, the advancement of human rights and the improvement of living conditions constituted the inevitable march of humanity - and periods of retreat did not from mere deviations. But what if these parentheses of history are us? This is the restlessness that moves the philosopher Renato Janine Ribeiro in The Good Politics, a collection of articles written over more than twenty years. Aware of the challenges of a boiling era, the author discusses the ethical and political value of the internet and examines major problems of our democratic experience, debating, among other issues in vogue, the idea of ​​representation, mandatory voting, corruption scandals, the crisis of the PT's ethical image, impeachments, utopias and protest Description: 299 pages ; 21 cm.

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