Il diavolo nel cassetto






By:Paolo Maurensig

Translated Title:The devil in the drawer


Subject:fic; narcissism, writers


Paolo Maurensig proposes a playful literary novel that has the prodigious rhythm of the thriller. «Every time you take a pen in your hand, you are about to officiate a ritual for which two candles should always be lit: one white and one black». When the peace of the woods is crossed by a sudden quiver of wild rabies, and at night the foxes seem to besiege the village, perhaps we should believe a premonition. In that Swiss village that has always lived in harmony, all one thousand inhabitants feel writers. But the man who is coming is the devil himself. His appearance, not even to say, are those of a publisher. Paolo Maurensig proposes a playful literary novel that has the prodigious rhythm of the thriller. Literature is a very serious affair for this Swiss village in a valley almost stifled by the mountains: it is said that Goethe returned from Italy spent a night there due to a failure in the carriage he was traveling on. Even three inns, named after him, vie for the pride of having hosted him. Moreover, from the very old priest who writes his memoirs to the girl a little silly author of nursery rhymes, passing through the burgomaster, all the inhabitants of the country feel themselves writers and aspire to be published. They send novels by post and by post receive the waste from the publishers. So there is little to bet on the talent of these thousand souls. As long as the devil makes his solemn entrance on stage: "everything in his person sins of excess, his laughter is ramshackle, the gesture is theatrical, and the voice, then the voice, where it seems to be kept the secret of its charm, is round, set, without roughness, without peaks, but hides a background of sighs and lamentations ». She professes great publisher and says she wants to open a branch of her prestigious publishing house right there. Who is not willing to make a pact with the devil to see his novel published? The only one who seems able to understand the danger of the situation is Father Cornelius, sent by the diocese to help the old parish priest. But maybe he also hides some shadows. Paolo Maurensig gives us a refined and engaging literary apologue on narcissism and vainglory, but also on our inextinguishable thirst for stories. 115 pages, 19cm

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