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A taaavola!

A taaavola!

Item#/ISBN: 9788883624209

Price: $32.95

Language: Italian



By:Michaël Escoffier,Matthieu Maudet

Translated Title:At the table!


Subject:fic; board book


AT THE TABLE! The soup is ready, but our main character has no intention of eating it. "If you do not eat," Mom threatens, "the wolf will eat you." And indeed «1 ... 2 ... 3! Lupo, a taaavola! " Too bad the wolf is not very greedy for children. But if the wolf does not want to eat, the ogre will take care of getting a snack! «1 ... 2 ... 3! Orco, a taaavola! "Cries his mother. But even the ogre has rather unusual tastes ... Once again Matthieu Maudet and Michaël Escoffier have fun reversing the perspective on the world of children, surprising the reader with intelligence and irony. 36 pages, 19

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