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1958 : le storie in tasca

1958 : le storie in tasca

Item#/ISBN: 9788892217737

Price: $26.95

Language: Italian



By:Guido Quarzo

Translated Title:1958: stories in your pocket

Publisher:San Paolo

Subject:chapter book


Piero is in third grade and lives in the countryside with his parents and grandparents. But, at the end of the school year, the whole family moves to the city. It's not easy, habits change, school, companions. On the other hand, the new friends are fantastic: there is Carlo, who makes everyone laugh, Mimmo, an unlikely hero, and Giorgina, her sister, enterprising and courageous. Then, in the classroom, one reads books, not only school books, but novels that spark imagination and inspire reckless deeds, like those of the Guys on the Pal or the Three Musketeers. And - when the call of adventure and mystery becomes irresistible - Piero, Carlo, Mimmo and Giorgina sneak into an abandoned cottage of which adults do not speak willingly ... Reading age: from 7 years. 110 pages, 22cm

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