Agapinho: Agape para criancas





Directed by:Padre Marcelo Rossi

Subject:Biblical stories for kids


You know what is the Gospel? The word gospel is of Greek origin and means the good news, the good news. The Gospels tell us great and wonderful news that Jesus was coming to live among men and make us all children of God. Based on the Gospel of St. John, Father Marcelo Rossi speaks to children of subjects that are part of a good religious and civic, like love, honesty, humility, confidence, justice and forgiveness. With wisdom and sensitivity, it shows the teachings of Jesus and explains the meaning of Agape Love, generous love, love without limits. At the end of each chapter there is a prayer novel also written by Father Marcelo Rossi especially for children. The lessons in this book are for life and should be shared with the family. Agapinho - Agape Children can not miss in homes seeking the words of Jesus as a foundation.

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