15 Park Avenue




Starring:Shabana Azmi,Konkona SenSharma


Directed by:Aparna Sen



15 Park Avenue- a world where Meethi ( Konkona SenSharma) has a perfect life.... a place that does not exist in reality... or a metaphor to the elusive world of hapiness we all seem to look for. The film essays a journey into the world of mentally and physically challenged Meethi her older sister Anjali ( Shabana Azmi), a brilliant professor of Physics in a University of Calcutta.Though Meethi remains fairly functional till her twenties and is even set to get engaged to JoJo (Rahul Bose), a traumatic experience raises the dormant Schizophrenia in her. She now lives in a delusiona world ,where she,her husband JoJO and five children live a happy life at 15 Park Avenue. A few years later in another chance meeting,Meethi fails to recognize the guilt -ridden Jojo, who is now happily married. And now she urges Jojo to set out to look for her perfect world....for 15 Park Avenue.

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