Starring:Qaiser Khan, Maria Wasti

Directed by:Barkat Siddiqi



This is the story of "The Hashmat Family" who reside in Karachi and lead a happy life. Hashmat, a wealthy and successful business tycoon leads a simple and a quite private life. His small revolves around his two daughters Nausheen and Naureen and his nephew, Salman; who is in love with his cousin Nausheen but does not have the courage to confess his love for fear of rejection as she is a stubborn, free-willed, and independent girl who is in love with Jameel, a man she has known for not too long. Naureen, Hashmat's older daughter on the other hand is a pragmatic and logical person. She sees things for what they are and not the illusion of it. She knows that Salman likes her younger sister and wishes for the two to settle down. As for herself, she is in love with a college professor, Sajid; a kind hearted man. 2 DVD Set

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